Create an Integrated Big Data Strategy To Increase Sales Now

For example, an online retailer in a shopping mall noticed they had a Telestar iPhone mini projector selling very well at $229. They also saw that a lot of people were writing positive reviews about it in social media. This was valuable, real-time data. So they highlighted that product on their home page right when those sales were looking good. They also sent emails to their loyalty card members about the item and posted it on all their social media outlets. As a result, sales of that projector soared 800% for that retailer. That’s an 800% payoff!

Detta och mycket mer kan vi Pink Managers åstadkomma tillsammans med dig i din verksamhet. Det kan handla om produkter men ännu viktigare är att följa vad dina kunder tycker om ditt bemötande, dvs dina kringtjänster! Följ oss och Daniel Burrus på LinkedIn! Daniel är författare av ovanstående artikeln som du kan läsa i helhet här.

How to work with Generation Y

One of the biggest complaints about the Generation Y worker is that they have no loyalty and their job hopping is high. It is true, stick Generation Y in a dim-lit cubicle and see how long it takes them to move on. Save yourself from the tedious process of interviewing, hiring and training, and instead try adapting to increase job retention. One powerful way to achieve this is to afford the Millennial employee the opportunity to continue learning and building their skills. Keep on reading on how to put this into practice.

Omsorg på landet …

En ny form av äldreomsorg startar i Karlebyregionen i Finland. Vi på Pink blev mycket glada och håller tummarna att projektet lockar fler familjer att öppna sina hem för våra äldre. Det handlar nämligen om att åldringar ska få bo hemma hos privatpersoner på landet i stället för på någon anstalt i stan. Klicka här för att läsa hela artikeln och lyssna vad de äldre själva tycker om projektet.


Technology Alone Isn’t Healthcare’s Savior

“Right care, right place, right time, right quality at the right price” requires us to think differently. It requires a disciplined focus on the long-term goal while executing on the short-term tasks, all while avoiding the distractions that come with the hype around technological solutions… We must start to address head-on all of the other areas: redesigning workflows, adopting business arrangments that understand our surroundings and adjust to our conditions. The right way isn’t always the easy way.

Keep on reading before ordering yet another technical solution your organisation doesn’t need in the first place!